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Probate & Estates

Clients who prepare for the inevitable have several options available to them. Increasingly popular is the Trust Instrument which allows the owner of assets to settle the same upon trust to trustees to manage for named beneficiaries.
While there are no inheritance taxes levied in The Bahamas, the same cannot be said for other jurisdictions. Hence some of our clients take precautions to preserve as much of their hard earned gains as is legitimately possible. Taking this route also secures some privacy unlike the process of Probate which follows in the event of the execution of a Will.

For those who prefer, and for whom inheritance tax is not an issue in any event, the Will is a cost effective way to dispose of assets upon death. Seymour & Co will assist you in preparing a Will or Trust Deed as needed. We also assist clients to reseal in The Bahamas Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration obtained in other jurisdictions, to effectively deal with property left by the deceased in The Bahamas.