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So you wish to buy Real Estate in The Bahamas. Or, maybe you already own a piece of the ‘rock’ and the opportunity is ripe to transfer ownership. We can assist you in either scenario. From pre-transaction consultation through Agreement for Sale, to completion, let us steer you through the process.
Typically, a Vendor (person selling) can expect to pay one-half of the Stamp Duty due to the government. Stamp Duty is calculated based on the selling price of the land and ranges from 2% to 10%. The other expense for the Vendor is his/her attorney’s fee (2.5% of the selling price). Where the Vendor engages a Real Estate Agent, then there is usually a 10% charge for vacant land and 6% in the case of developed land.

The expenses of the Purchaser will depend upon the circumstances. However the basic fees are:

  • One-half of the Stamp Duty
  • Attorney’s fee of 2.5% on the Conveyance (transfer of title)
  • Attorney’s fee of 2.5% on the Mortgage (where the Purchaser borrows money to purchase)
  • Real Property Tax registration (flat fee)
  • Disbursements for title search, application fees, recording, copies etc;
  • Approved Investor Status (flat fee) (non Bahamian purchaser);
  • Certificate of Registration/Permit (flat fee) (non Bahamian purchaser).

We will also apply for exemption from Stamp Duty for the Bahamian "first time" owner of a house valued under $500,000.00.

Our legal services in this area also include preparation of Opinions on Title. In this respect we act for many banks in the preparation of Mortgage documents.


We also act in the preparation of Lease Agreements and represent either Landlord or Tenant in disputes.